B.O.H.I. (Beacon of Hope International)

B.O.H.I. is a small startup social enterprise organization based in Kirinyaga County in Kenya,

Centering its work around a proposed plastic recycling facility it is seeking to:

  • Give hope and purpose to vulnerable young people by providing training and employment
  • Protect the environment by cleaning it up – collecting discarded plastic bottles and old polythene sheets for recycling (Old polythene sheets in Mwea are used for drying Rice, they are also waste from green houses and shade nets).
  • Combat climate change by working to stop deforestation – turning plastic waste into fence posts

Giving hope and purpose to vulnerable young people

Youth unemployment is a huge issue in Kenya.

Kenya’s is a very young country.  According to the US based population reference bureau (PBS), 20.3% of the population are aged 15-24 (The average in Africa is 19.2% and in the world 15.8%)   75% of the Kenyan population is aged under 30.

In 2018, unemployment dropped to 9.3% from 11.5% in 2017.  However, following the COVID-19 pandemic it is expected to rise significantly again.  In an article on 26th July 2020, a Kenyan newspaper predicted 65% loss of jobs!

With significant unemployment, vulnerable young people will be those who find it hardest to find employment and with it hope for the future.   B.O.H.I. seeks to empower vulnerable young people by creating jobs, and providing training (skill development) at its plastic recycling facility.

Protecting the environment

Kenya, like many third world countries, uses a lot of plastic materials, especially plastic bottles, plates, chairs, tables etc.  They frequently break, especially those in institutions like hotels, guesthouses, churches, and schools.

There is no proper recycling process, especially within the local Mount Kenya Region.

B.O.H.I wants to establish a plastic collection and recycling facility.  Young people will be given employment to collect plastics; collection centres will be setup from which a truck will make collections and deliver to the B.O.H.I. Centre where the recycling will take place.

Young people will be employed to manage the recycling machine and products developed.

Combating climate change

Having contributed to cleaning the environment, the plastics will be recycled and made into useful items, which can be sold to cover costs and in time provide finance to expand the operation.

One of the items produced will be fence posts.  Kenyans from the region, sub-divide land and fencing is always given a priority.  Felling trees to make posts is the normal pattern, but producing those made from recycled plastic will reduce the number of trees felled.  This will help regain and retain the tree cover, which is a commitment by the government in combating climate change, and is essential for soil cover, reducing soil erosion and improving the micro-climate.

BOHI – Is a company limited by guarantee, registered under the Company’s Act 2015, It has no share capital. (Small Foundations and Non-profit preference than NGO)