New book just out …

Throwing Starfish

We have just published a new book by our mission director, Laurence Biggs.

Drawing on his personal experience of over 30 years of involvement in mission, and with much biblican content, it looks at the potential in each one of us to be used by God to change the world – that could be in some far away country but also just down our road.

The book has been writen to be read as a journey by individuals, but would also make a great home group series

Priced at just £5 plus postage, if you would like a copy please contact us using the link below.


Chapters include:

The Commission and Command of Jesus
What Holds Us Back?
Personal Story
God Can Use You
How God Sees You
Come Holy Spirit
Let’s Go and Throw Some Starfish

Appendix 1 Lessons from 30 years of taking short-term mission teams overseas
Appendix 2 The Throw A Starfish Story