Granulator purchased

We’ve purchased the granulator.  This is the heart of the recycling centre and makes waste plastic into small pieces which can then be either sold or used to make something new.  In the early days they will be sold, but who knows what we might make them into in the future.
This week this vital piece of kit start its long journey to Africa by road and sea.  We estimate if will probably be 6 weeks before it arrives on site at Makutano in Kenya.  Please pray for a safe journey!

Once complete the centre will recycle 3.5 tonnes of plastic waste each week, helping to clean up the area and combat climate change.

We are still seeking to raise £8,000 to cover the costs of getting this project up and running

Please could you help by making a donation to the project.

Changing the world one plastic bottle, one plastic broken chair or one piece of discarded plastic at a time!