Pilot team returns from successful visit to Kenya

Our pilot team returned from Kenya in the middle of November, having learned a lot procedurally which will help in sending individuals or couples to serve overseas.

They were very busy while there –

  • In the first week they moved 100 tonnes of soil and rock (assisted by 5 Kenyans) to complete the foundations of the new maternity unit in Mwea, as well as running a children’s programme which ended up being for 200 children instead of the planned 60!
  • In the second week they were involved with transforming a shed into a room for children’s work at Kangaru church, lining the walls with boards and painting a beautiful mural while also running another chindren’s programme for about 200 children.

Several opportunities for individuals to “Throw A Starfish” have arisen from the trip including building a water pump to supply clean water to a slum village, starting a programme to produce reusable sanitary towels, and doing some mentoring of budding artists!

Many thanks to the pilot team –  this has taken us one step closer to sending people to “Throw A Starfish” as individuals, or in couples, using their skills and experience to bless and help others.